Carl Watkins SR



Politically, I have been driven away from partisan lines and vote issues that are near and dear to my heart. Some of those direct issues include a smaller federal government, less firearm laws, reform of the sex offender registration, prison sentencing reform, support for women’s choice, legislation to enact true racial equality, and a vast list of other polices. While this is not the area where I will go into detail about the logic behind my views, all such issues and the thought process behind the views, I explains in detail if asked. I believe our system has created crutches for many people, a sinking hole that they will never be able to get out of. I do feel there is a need to help those that have less, but in helping them, that includes pushing them to do more for themselves as opposed to being taken care of forever. I am currently pushing welfare reforms so less money will go out, but also the dependency on the government will be easier to release.


Tuition Free College

College is vitally important to expanding the knowledge of young minds seeking further education. There are lists of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen who did not attend college but still were successful and outperformed those who did attend. Our society has created the reliance on a degree to measure knowledge and/or future success and that is what should be changed. Not everyone can or should succeed in college, and just because one does not go, should not automatically limit earning potential. If college becomes standardized, there will be another method created to separate which would not solve the income inequality issue. Other issues that arises from tuition free college would be funding and the added government control of colleges and universities.

Debt Relief

As unfortunate as it is that our youth incur debt so early in their personal development, college is a choice and there are resources available to assist with not only prepayment of college expenses (scholarships, grants, etc.) but there are methods of reimbursement through various means (Employment, military service, government service). Without these burdens, certain positions will lose some of their benefits. Ex. Because of the lower pay in the government sector, student loan forgiveness is an appealing benefit to some who would otherwise not be able to afford to work such a job. Without the strive for scholarships, certain students would not do as well in grade school. Hard work and reward sometimes the best motivator to produce the best results. There should, however, be a change in some of the predatory practices and lack of educating before loans are signed. Over accepting for refund is one of the main reasons’ debt is occurred. This topic also goes hand in hand with why I do not support universal free college.


Fracking and Offshore Drilling

Fracking and Offshore Drilling has been a process utilized in drilling for years. We should always be looking for safer and more environmentally friendly ways perform in all aspects of life, but it is known that the process takes time and certain methods can’t be halted until a sufficient replacement is found.

Climate Change

Climate change is something that most scientific experts agree on. Being that I am not an expert, I am in no means to argue. We should be working on cost effect ways to minimize our impact on the environment around us.

Gun Control

Background Check, Assault Weapons, and Gun License

I do not believe there should be a universal background check to purchase firearms. I do not believe that someone should lose their right to protect their home and their family automatically because they commit a crime deemed a felony. I do not believe the government should decide which firearms are allowed. I do not believe there should be gun licenses for firearms. Criminals with the intent of committing a crime will not be stopped by additional laws. Laws only deter those wanting to abide by laws.


Border Wall

I do believe that our fencing along our borders should be reinforced and updated. I do not belief that is the prime measure of illegal immigration deterrence but should be used along with other methods. Unfortunately, we have a lot of criminal activity that happens along the border. If the area is so dangerous that families break laws to get into our country, we should probably have at least a fence to protect our citizens.

Travel Ban

I do not agree with the travel ban. There are certain places that are unsafe for Americans to travel and we should have thorough screening of those coming into the country, but the only people banned should be those without permission to travel.


Unfortunately, the parents of certain children broke laws in bringing their children across the border and staying. Those children, though through no choice of their own, broke laws as well. There should be a system in place to remedy the situation, but blanket immunity may have unforeseen consequences.


I do not agree with disbanding ICE. I would have to do more research before I recommend any alterations to the program, however, any program in place could stand to get better.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is illegal and should be stopped. This is not the same concept as our forefathers and there should be an adequate process to immigrate into the US.


Single Payer Health Care

I believe a single payer health care system will cause more detriment than good because of lack of competition and choices for people who have different needs.


Net Neutrality

I believe we should reinstate net neutrality.


Estate Tax

Opinion not written at this time.

Wealth Tax

Opinion not written at this time.

Minimum Wage

While the minimum wage in some states is too low, I do not agree with the large amount of a raise that many calls for. That would create undo harm to small businesses.

Basic Income

A basic income will cause extra taxation and an overall raise of prices in goods and services.

Jobs and Benefits

I do not agree with all jobs, part-time and full-time, being required to give benefits. Again, that would cause undo harm to small business and raise overall prices for goods and services that would cause more harm than good.


Electoral College

I do not agree with getting rid of the Electoral College.


Opinion not written at this time.

Voter ID

Opinion not written at this time.

PR Statehood

I see no justification to interfere with this process. I understand that some of the earlier states were ratified for the good of the government, but it is time to ratify for the good of the people.

Supreme Court Reform

I do not believe the Supreme Court needs reform in the manner there is something wrong with it. I do believe every branch of government should adapt with the changing times.

Citizens United

Opinion not written at this time.

Publicly Funded Elections

Opinion not written at this time.

Hyde Amendment

Opinion not written at this time.

Capital Punishment

I support capitol punishment but only in true cases of “without a shadow of a doubt”. I do believe there should be more stringent rules in the process of what convictions qualify for the death penalty.

Legalize Marijuana

I believe that marijuana consumption should not be a federal crime and should be up to the individual states to decide.

Expunge Cannabis Record

If the state decides to legalize cannabis, they should expunge the record of all those who have been charged in the state for possession.

Cash Bail

Opinion not written at this time.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Opinion not written at this time.



Opinion not written at this time. However, I don’t believe people can be born the wrong gender, but I respect people’s choice. I don’t know if that equates to legal change.

Equality Act

Opinion not written at this time.

Same-Sex Marriage

I personally believe in marriage between man and woman as is the Biblical way. However, I leave that up to God to judge and I do not believe laws should be made to correct the situation. I believe our government should not meddle into such affairs.

Transgender Military Service

Opinion not written at this time.